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inalex photos Inalex “Alpha C1” pneumatic speargun

Inalex Alpha C1 spearguns are manufactured in 4 models with overall length 77 cm (60 cm), 97 cm (80 cm), 117 cm (100 cm) and 137 cm (120 cm). The figure in brackets is the distance that the piston and spear are driven by expanding air pressure along the inner barrel and represents the working course of the piston and hence the spear.

The grip handle can be mounted at either the mid-handle position or the rear handle position or at some position in-between according to your own requirements. When you order a gun the handle will be placed at the desired location as positioning the handle is best done at the factory for ensuring the correct coupling of the handle to the gun as it is essential that the handle is fixed firmly for security of its operation.

When buying a gun you need to consider the shooting range required for the fish you wish to target and the water conditions that you will most likely be encountering. Long range shooting in terms of accurate aiming is best conducted with a rear handle gun, however if you fish in reef areas where you need to turn and maneuver the gun in relatively enclosed spaces then a mid-handle gun will be your best choice. The longer then gun then the more powerful it is in terms of throwing a longer and thus heavier projectile (the spear and the shooting line that the spear carries to the target), hence the body structure and attributes of your prey in terms of being able top penetrate and kill it will also have a bearing on the length of the gun.

If you provide some details of your hunting conditions then we can suggest a model that will suit you. Remember no single gun can do all tasks equally well, in which case you may consider more than one gun or perhaps you will already have access to another gun of a different length.

The Alpha C1 pneumatic speargun is easy to operate and has been developed over many years to provide an advanced and powerful gun that will outperform many guns due to superior air flow characteristics as its unique pneumatic releasing valve operation has no mechanical sear lever obstructing the inner barrel tube as is used in many guns produced by other manufacturers. The unique ball control operations of the releasing valve uses air pressure differentials between the interior of the gun and the external environment to provide component biasing functions, hence there are no springs used other than the one in the revolving butt that is used to controls the gun’s variable firing powers and provides a secure safety device for use during shooting line preparation with the gun already cocked to shoot.

All materials used are selected for long life of the gun and will give reliable service under all manner of marine conditions provided that the user observes the usual maintenance procedures such as washing the gun in freshwater after use and avoiding careless acts in handling the gun such as throwing the gun down on the sand or the rocks at the beach after the completion of a dive. This is not an unusual requirement for any type of pneumatic gun and with a commonsense approach the gun will return a high level of performance for an operator who uses his gun in a responsible manner.

The Alpha C1 speargun is offered with a 2 year warranty and is supplied with spare parts such as an “O” ring kit and an extra piston. Standard items included are a user handbook, a hand loader and an 8 mm diameter stainless steel spear equipped with line slide, shooting line and spear tip. An air pump is not included as the Alpha C1 gun uses the gun’s inner barrel and the variable position muzzle to switch the gun to “air pump” mode, so you can top the pressure up in your gun at any time. Of course this is done on dry land and after the gun has been cleaned and dried as is usual with any speargun which uses a separate hand pump, but it means that you do not have to remember to carry the pump with you when on an extended trip as the pump is in a sense “built-in”.

A new pneumatic speargun design has been developed in Greece by Alex Orfanidis. It is his “Inalex Alpha C1” speargun which is a further refinement of his earlier “Inalex” speargun using the same “releasing valve” principle to actually fire the gun. Hence there is no sear tooth as such holding a sliding piston in the inner barrel, instead the releasing valve is controlled by a ball locking system and when this ball system is freed by you pulling the trigger the releasing valve is moved rearwards in the gun thereby unplugging the rear end of the inner barrel. Compressed air then rushes through the opening to push the piston along the inner barrel driving the shaft at high velocity from the gun. The inner barrel bore is 14 mm and in a sense the gun is the modern equivalent of the old GSD “Katiuscia” which was also a releasing valve gun, but that gun used a lever system to pull the releasing valve rearwards, whereas the “Inalex Alpha C1” speargun uses the pressure differential existing between the interior of the gun and the external environment.

Like the “Katiuscia” the “Alpha C1” has variable power capabilities by using an internal throttle control system which is varied by rotating the butt end of the gun. As the air pressure operated internal releasing valve blocks off any possible air connection to the rear end of the gun it is pre-pressurized by operating a muzzle controlled “switch” to transform the inner barrel to “air pump” mode. You pump the gun barrel as the gun draws ambient air via the muzzle opening with each pumping stroke, this opening being closed off once the gun is fully pressurized and the gun is then returned to shooting mode.

To muzzle load the gun you can press the spear in with partial insertion strokes, any air driven into the air reservoir is trapped there until you squeeze the last of the air volume in the inner barrel tube into the reservoir at which time the spear stays fully inserted in the inner barrel. All releasing valve guns work in this fashion, there being a small rebound of the shaft as you can never squeeze absolutely every air molecule through the non-return valve on the nose of the releasing valve (refer to the summary diagram attached here to see where it is).

Releasing valve pneumatic spearguns are not new, but ones that float after the shot are few and far between, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that this one does, or at least the 97 cm to 137 cm models do. A shorter 77 cm model does not float yet, but modifications may allow this if future investment in tooling can be justified by the sales volume of the new guns. Speaking personally a longer gun is desirable in clearer water, so in my view the most applicable sizes already float.

Right now Alex is interested in more spearfishermen knowing about his gun, so here are a few photos and a summary diagram based on his patent for the gun. Here he demonstrates how the “Alpha C1” gun operates

 and here you can see the gun in its component parts. 

The grip handle can be installed at various positions on the gun, the changing element is the pull rod running back to the operating mechanism in the rear end of the gun.

The muzzle photo below shows the muzzle in “air pump” mode, you can see the air breather holes exposed in the inner barrel tube.


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  1. F. Allan Vogel May 29, 2014 at 11:23 pm Reply

    I would like to buy a 17cm mid handle gun – can you give me a price, including shipping, to the USA (New Jersey -zip 08736)

  2. F. Allan Vogel June 5, 2014 at 10:40 pm Reply

    It should read 117cm mid handle, not 17.
    I have a friend here in NJ that built a gun using a check valve over 25 years ago – just for his own use – mid handle – very large air chamber – shot a 13/32″ spear -very impressive powerful gun

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